Soultik Poster

Next month, Soultik will present their album ¿Qué Dice tu Corazón? in Centro Cultural de España in México city and I am very glad I had the chance to be a tiny part of this beautiful project. Here’s the artwork I made for their presentation poster and soon I’ll be posting the artwork of the whole album. Looking forward to the album release.

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El próximo 20 de Julio, Soultik presenta su disco ¿Qué Dice tu Corazón? en el Centro Cultural de España en México y me emociona mucho haber sido parte de este proyecto. Este es el cartel que ilustré para ellos; pronto estaré publicando el arte completo del disco y esperando con mucha alegría a que salga su disco.


I made this illustration for Soultik, a really cool and interesting mexican band influenced by afro music, soul and mayan-tojolabal philosophy. They released their first single called Hermandad from their album ¿Qué dice tu corazón? (What does your heart say?) a couple of days ago and this is the single cover artwork I made for them. The lyrics of the song is a beautiful poem by Octavio Paz.

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Hice esta ilustración para Soultik, una banda mexicana con un concepto muy padre e interesante cuyas influencias principales son la música afro, el soul y la filosofía maya-tojolabal. Acaban de lanzar el primer sencillo Hermandad de su disco ¿Qué dice tu corazón? y esta es la ilustración que eligieron como portada de este sencillo, cuya letra es un poema de Octavio Paz cantado por Vero, la hermosa voz de Soultik.


We are deathless

I'm in love with these two talented, beautiful artists. I like their energy and the mixture of cultures reflected in their music.

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Estoy enamorada de estas talentosas y hermosas artistas. Me encanta su energía y la mezcla de culturas que se refleja en su música.

My pen is an artery, my heart is a fountain

Fat belly bella  
by Jay Electronica

I said I love you baby, well you don't act like it
Squeeze my feet, kiss my neck, rub my back like it
And on the phone it's just you gon' hit me back right quick
First we was straight now it feels like we jack-knifin'
Kamikaze love, self-destructive patterns
Mercury in retrograde
Four house of Saturn.
Nothing makes me sadder than
Hailing cabs alone goin' home on a Saturday
Bumpin' Donny Hathaway, questioning my choices
Thinking 'bout marriage, carriage, and horses
Man on the hectare, land like a fortress
I hope you understand me though
I'm cold like New York
My heart is warm like Miami
I'm just trying to build a kingdom for my people and my family

Sometimes I don't know what to say,
The pain never stops
The cloud never goes away
The rain never drops.

It's a luxury
Be grateful that a mustard seed of faith is enough to be
Enough to move a mountain,
My pen is an artery,
My heart is a fountain.
I apologize