Bjork's Utopia

Illustration inspired by Björk’s new album Utopia and the amazing art around it: orchid mask by James T. Merry and bizarre makeup by Hungry. I just love everything about Björk’s work.

Bird species never seen or heard before
The first flute carved from the first fauna

Utopia (It’s not)
Let's purify

You assigned me to protect our lantern
To be intentional about the light

It isn't elsewhere
It, it’s here

My instinct has been shouting at me for years
Saying let’s get out of here
Huge toxic tumor bulging underneath the ground here
Purify, purify, purify, purify toxicity


We are deathless

I'm in love with these two talented, beautiful artists. I like their energy and the mixture of cultures reflected in their music.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Estoy enamorada de estas talentosas y hermosas artistas. Me encanta su energía y la mezcla de culturas que se refleja en su música.