Soultik Poster

Next month, Soultik will present their album ¿Qué Dice tu Corazón? in Centro Cultural de España in México city and I am very glad I had the chance to be a tiny part of this beautiful project. Here’s the artwork I made for their presentation poster and soon I’ll be posting the artwork of the whole album. Looking forward to the album release.

☽ ☽ ☽ ☽ ☽

El próximo 20 de Julio, Soultik presenta su disco ¿Qué Dice tu Corazón? en el Centro Cultural de España en México y me emociona mucho haber sido parte de este proyecto. Este es el cartel que ilustré para ellos; pronto estaré publicando el arte completo del disco y esperando con mucha alegría a que salga su disco.

Bjork's Utopia

Illustration inspired by Björk’s new album Utopia and the amazing art around it: orchid mask by James T. Merry and bizarre makeup by Hungry. I just love everything about Björk’s work.

Bird species never seen or heard before
The first flute carved from the first fauna

Utopia (It’s not)
Let's purify

You assigned me to protect our lantern
To be intentional about the light

It isn't elsewhere
It, it’s here

My instinct has been shouting at me for years
Saying let’s get out of here
Huge toxic tumor bulging underneath the ground here
Purify, purify, purify, purify toxicity